Help the Ant Bait Work

Help The Ant Baits Work!

  • Don’t squash any of the foraging ants or block their path to and from the bait.  You want them to carry the bait back to the colony.
  • Don’t use any ant sprays or other pesticides around the baited area.  Ants will avoid surfaces where chemicals have been sprayed and spraying may even cause ants to divide their colony into several smaller colonies.
  • Try to clean up and remove any other foods that the ants are feeding on.  It’s important that the ants find and accept the bait.  If they already have an available food source, they may not forage as much looking for other food.
  • Don’t use any strong cleaning products around the baited areas.  These smells will interfere with the chemical trails left by the ants that help other worker ants find the bait.
  • Don’t move the bait placements.  The Technician has placed them in the best locations based on the feeding habits of the ants.
  • Don’t expect immediate results.  We don’t want to kill the ants right away.  We want them to feed on the bait, carry it back to the colony, and share it will other ants, so that the entire colony is eliminated. 


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Source: (used with permission)Techletter® May, 1, 2011, © 2011 Pinto & Associates, Inc.

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