About John Cody

I grew up, along with 2 brothers and a sister, on a farm in Southwest Flagler County in a community known as Haw Creek at Cody’s Corner.  My grandparents settled here many years ago, and the Cody Family still resides here today.

Soon after graduating from St. Johns Jr. College in Palatka, FL, I married Linda Hall (also from Palatka).   We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.  Linda is presently teaching at Old Kings Elementary School.

The City of Palm Coast did not exist when I grew up.   When it was being developed, around the time Linda and I were married, I worked as a deck hand on the dredge boat that dug the canals, along what is now known as Club House Drive.  This was a dangerous job.  My cousin David Lewis had been killed earlier while working on that same dredge boat.  We worked 12-hour  shifts, 7 days a week, as the developer was in a hurry to get Palm Coast started, and needed those canals to sell the waterfront lots.

Work was scarce then too, and after leaving the dredge boat, I began logging and pulp wooding.  Later I returned to the family farm.  After a few rough years, I found myself broke and unable to continue farming with a wife and 2 kids, Jason and Lara, to raise.

By this time, Palm Coast had grown considerably.  I decided with my knowledge of pesticides and fertilizer, to take the suggestion of my friend and neighbor Bobby Sizemore, and start a Pest Control business.  I was licensed in 1985 and began as a one-man operation.

Since then God has continued to bless this Company.   We continue to grow even in this- the worst economic times- and today have 16 employees that I am very proud of.

In my spare time I enjoy fishing, raising livestock (for consumption by family, friends and employees), along with fruits and vegetables.

The people of Flagler County have been very good to us.  The majority of our business still remains here locally.  Cody Pest Control continues to thankfully serve the community who has supported us for 30 years.