Residential Lawn Services

You will NEVER be asked to sign a contract with any of our Lawn or Shrub Services!

All of our lawn treatments consist of Fertilizers, Insecticide, and Herbicide. Additional products are used based on the condition of individual lawns.

We apply slow release granular fertilizer in the Spring and Fall. We also treat for: mole crickets, fire ants, chinch bugs, web worms, etc.

Lawn Management
After establishment the success of St. Augustine grass as a lawn grass depends largely on management. Mowing, fertilization on supplemental watering are required to maintain a dense, green, weed-free turf of St. Augustine grass. In coastal areas where rainfall is adequate, St. Augustine grass will survive with little care. In inland areas, where rainfall is less dependable, close management of water is required to maintain a satisfactory lawn with St. Augustine grass.

Remember, weed killers do not keep weeds out! To keep a lawn attractive it must be fed regularly to develop a thick turf. Such a turf is not only attractive, but it is protection against new weeds gaining a foothold.
Though we fertilize, spray pesticide and herbicide on lawn schedules. Mowing, watering and support from the homeowners are very important to keep a healthy lawn.

We at Cody Pest Control, will do our very best to help you have and maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn.